Career options for International Law graduates

The list of career opportunities for International Law graduates is very wide - besides common career paths for all Law graduates, International Law graduates can apply for a variety of specific jobs.

The employers of International Law graduates are usually private law firms, government agencies and international organizations.

One of specific career opportunities for International Law specialists is a consultant for international private or government organizations. As a consultant, you will regulate conflicts related to investments between representatives of different countries as well as resolve legacy discrepancies.

Corporate lawyer is the other career path for International Law graduates, which can be related to International Law specificity in case of the firm you have chosen for your career is international and/or has filial branches in other countries of the world.

Graduates can also find a job of arbitrator - a person who help people to solve their issues before they go to the court of law.

Note that all these career paths need a relevant work experience, so it is better to determine the desired career during the study period and to find a suitable internship.

Many graduates of International Law continue their academic education in order to start a research career of teach students in higher education institutions. It always requires at least a PhD degree in a relevant area.

With a strong degree in International Law you can find a job in almost every country of this world, but many graduates choose a specialization of a particular part of the world (EU Law, for example), so they are mostly welcome in the countries of their specializations.