Career options for Geo-Information graduates

Geo-information is a wide area and diverse education, so that with a degree in geo-information you can find work in completely different fields of science, production and not only. Here are just some of the possible career options for Geo-information graduates.

Aviation engineering

Many Geo-Information specialists are needed in Aviation engineering, since all planes will not work without GPS. This career option in usually available for Bachelor graduates, but a pre-work experience is often required. It can be received by internships during the education or after it.

IT and programmin

Online maps, GPS navigation, many smartphone apps and software programs cannot be created without research of specialists in Geo-Information. Therefore, large corporations (for example, Google), or small companies hire developers with education in the field of geo-information. By the way, IT skills acquired through education in the field of geo-information, allow you to get a job in other IT positions.


Agriculture depends on Geo-informatics a lot - in many factors, from soil condition to analyzing productivity, Geo-informatics have the major role.


Graduates with a degree in Geo-Information can probably find themselves in education area - secondary education or teaching in higher educational institutions. This career path may require some more besides a Bachelor degree in Geo-Information. Professors in higher institutions should receive at least a PhD degree in a relevant area, and secondary class teachers - complete additional education in teaching and get accredited.