Career opportunities for Animation Studies graduates

Career opportunities for Animation Studies graduates

Animation Studies degree is very demanded in the labor market, as it may be useful in huge variety of professions. Animation Studies is a great choice for students because graduates can find a promising high-paying job after completing an undergraduate degree.

The list of jobs related to Animation Studies degree includes animator, graphic or web designer, illustrator, games developer. Graduates can also work as advertising art director, producer, 3D modeler or production designer.

Four main areas Animation Studies graduates can find a job at include animation for cinema, broadcast and web platforms; interactive animation; compositing and visual effects; data visualisation.

Career opportunities also depend on the university you choose. For example, the University of Edinburgh graduates work with big corporations such as BBC, Channel 4, or Nexus Productions after completing an Animation Studies degree. Graduates of the School of Animation in the Academy of Art University in San Francisco work with Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks Studio and Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

It may be not enough to bring the degree diploma to your future employer; that is why students of Animation Studies program keep preparing a strong portfolio during all the period of their studies.

Summarizing, an Animation Studies degree, a good portfolio and passion for creativity will open a lot of doors for you.




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